Wordpress blog, 2011-2012


What I did today, 5-17-12

Today was  my final day of class. I didn’t know what to do today, so I took a picture off of the internet of Oliver Sykes, Bring Me The Horizon’s frontman, and edited it. I got the BMTH logo off of the internet, and cut the words out. I then pasted them in and added a shadow, glow, bevel and gradient overlay of black and red. Then I used the paint brush, and used Color burn on all of the image, except the logo and Oli himself.


What I did today, 5-16-12

Today I opened up my poster image in Publisher, and resized it so that it would be 10″ by 13″ so we could print it out. Afterward, I printed off a before and after for my timesheet, and then updated my website to include the before and after images for the last 3 projects I’ve done.

What I did today, 5-15-12

Today I completed yet another picture, this is the one I’d like to use as my poster. I first cut out Austin Carlile, and added a glow affect to him. I added a Grain Filter to the background, and then pasted him back in. Afterward, I took a picture of the Of Mice& Men logo, cut out the words and pasted it into the picture. I then added a drop shadow and bevel to it. Then I proceeded to add and edit some text, which are lyrics from “Still YDG’n!?” by Of Mice & Men.

What I did today, 5-14-20

Today I continued, and finished the Austin Carlile .gif I had been working on (However, it wouldn’t display correctly online). Afterwards, I updated my blog and website, uploaded the image, and then looked for another image to edit or make a .gif out of.

What I did today, 5-10-12

Today I finished my poster by re-doing the edges with the lasso tool, and then putting the re-done image back in place.
Then I began a GIF image. I cut Austin out into a different image, then I took the background and added a progressive ripple effect to it, and then added and modified text for the GIF.

What I did today, 5-9-12

Today I continued working on my poster. Today I cut out Austin Carlile, and added an outer glow and changed the brightness and contrast on him. Then on the background layer, I applied the Grain filter and changed brightness and contrast on it as well. I then pasted Austin back onto the background, and changed the text position, as well as the font and size of the word “School”.

I had to leave early today due to a dentist appointment.

What I did today, 5-8-12

Today I updated my website, screenshotted some of my favorite work from this year and sent it to Mrs. Frascht. I also began on my 11″ by 14″ picture for the wall.